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What are the tasks a household help can do for you?

  • Cleaning your home: from floor, to windows, to shower. Your house will be spick and span!
  • Washing and ironing: no (dirty) laundry is too much for our household helpers.
  • Preparing meals: a tasty meal waiting for you in the fridge when you get home.
  • Shopping: Our household helpers are happy to do small shopping.

This is how our cooperation works

For new customers, we are happy to provide more information on the service cheques system. How does this work? What are the advantages? We will answer all your questions.

Then we will make a home visit. We will drop by to discuss your wishes and needs. If there are any particular concerns, we will take these into account during the cleaning process.

You decide when we visit. Weekly or two-weekly at fixed times? For a short period because your job is demanding all of your time? The choice is yours.

New employees who start work are accompanied by an experienced cleaning help for the first few days. In this way, you, the customer, can be sure that the end result is always perfect.

Is your regular cleaning helper temporarily absent, for example due to illness? Then we will propose a replacement ourselves. We will not leave you out in the cold.


Good to know; at Perfectie @ Home you can easily combine a cleaning help with an ironing service. That’s two birds with one stone.

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