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Service cheques

Would you like someone to help you in your household? An experienced and dedicated cleaning lady will come to your home to clean. Professional, discreet, reliable and always with a smile. Need help in the kitchen? Or do you want to drop off and pick up your perfectly ironed laundry?

It’s all possible! Even at a favourable rate with service cheques.

What are service cheques and why are they interesting for me?

Service cheques are a paper or electronic means of payment with a value of €9. These cheques can be used to pay for domestic help, e.g. for household tasks or ironing. It is a particularly interesting scheme because the Flemish government provides a tax reduction of 20%. Therefore your own contribution is just €7.20 per cheque. You just need to add the tax certificate to your tax return.

How to apply for service cheques?

It is very easy to do. Create an account with Sodexo, they are the official issuer of the service cheques. You will get a user number that will allow you to order your cheques. Pay one cheque per hour worked and when your cheques run out, you simply order new ones. Nice and easy!

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